Our top 5 most common mattress toppers

There is an enormous choice in the market and the demand is growing. But what are the right schooners and what should you pay attention to? Here you can find out.

Our top 5 most common mattress toppers

To put something to bed, most customers do not want. If you value healthy sleep, you can not only get advice on the perfect mattress but also by the right accessories. Mattress covers are also available in very different quality. What makes sense in our experience, if you are interested in a bed pad?

The classic:

Usually provided with corner rubbers, this edition is simply stretched over the mattress. The pad is made of 100% cotton and is washable up to 95° C. These savers are pure hygiene filters and are intended to protect the mattress cover.

The normal fiber pad

These pads are stretched over the mattress with corner rubbers. A special climate fiber optimizes the bed climate and removes moisture much better.

The cuddly fiber pad

A mattress pad can also work as a classic underbed. In addition to the improved breathability, a special fluffy climate fiber is used, which makes the reclining even cuddlier.

In contrast to the earlier under beds, the bed climate is positively influenced here.

The waterproof mattress pad

For toddlers a must, but also for other customer groups a good help: wetness protection in bed. Here are the biggest quality differences. There are high-quality variants that allow air to circulate despite the protection against moisture and thus hardly influence the bed climate. The cheap versions give the feeling of sleeping on a plastic bag.

The mattress pad for allergy sufferers

As with wetness protection, enormous differences in quality are noticeable here as well. The prescribed by the health insurances mattress protectors are qualitatively mostly inferior and rarely provide good sleep. The pads crackle and barely let air through.

High-quality allergy coverings even combat mites through special biomolecules and optimize sleep.

Before thinking about allergy referrals, one should consider the possibility of optimizing other parameters in order to sleep better.

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Questions about mattress topper

What is a mattress topper?

A topper – or also called comfort pad – is placed on top of a mattress to increase comfort while lying down.

However, you should pay close attention to whether the existing mattress is compatible with a topper and what effect you can achieve. In this article, we would like to answer various questions around the topic of “toppers” and protect against false purchases.

Can I tighten my mattress with a topper?

Only in very special cases. Generally one can say that this is possible because one can see this effect with each box spring bed: If I take a soft latex topper with 8 cm height for a box spring bed, this feels much softer than a 5 cm visco topper.

Does a topper fit on my mattress?

A maximum of 10% of all mattresses could or should be used with a topper. The biggest problem is ventilation.

A normal mattress cover should provide a good climate balance and let the moisture that is released through the skin, evaporate again. But where should breathability come from when I put a foam pad on a mattress?

Mattresses that are intended or suitable for the topper, usually have no classic, quilted mattress cover, but a breathable 3D fabric or the like. Thus, no moisture can accumulate in the mattress cover and the removal of the moisture works.

What height should a topper have?

Since a topper is responsible for comfort and pressure relief, you should not use support of less than 6 cm height. Less does not make much sense.

However, toppers, which are significantly higher, may partially affect the supportive function of the mattress. Here you should not necessarily exceed 12 cm.

Can I put a topper on a cold foam mattress?

No, that really makes no sense at all and only brings with it problems or disadvantages. The already mentioned problem of ventilation is still much higher with cold foam mattresses than with pocket spring mattresses.

The adaptability of a pocket spring mattress is designed by the functioning of the use of Topper. Cold foam mattresses, however, work with zonings of the foam core, which would clearly lose their effect through a topper.

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Waterbed decision support:

1. Why a waterbed?

The choice of a mattress is always a personal decision and depends on your body characteristics, your sleeping position, and your personal preferences. Any back or muscle problems also play an important role in your choice of mattress. Standard one-size-fits-all mattresses do not exist, though hip adage and partisan mattress tests make you think so.

A waterbed is just the opposite, thanks to its variable adjustability and the wide range of options. A waterbed offers:

  • good even support for a natural sleeping posture;
  • Pressure distribution in sensitive areas avoids painful pressure points on muscles;
  • very good hygiene, because no dirt or dust can penetrate into the mattress (anti-allergenic);
  • Adjustable hardness and temperature.

Many reservations about waterbeds, such as a waterbed constantly moving or consuming a lot of energy, are based on information from the 1990s when waterbeds just came out. Meanwhile, waterbeds and the techniques used, as well as other mattresses, have evolved and improved.

2. Mono or duo water mattress?

The water mattress can consist of 1 or 2 compartments. A duo water mattress consists of two single water mattresses and is divided in the middle by a thermal partition. A duo mattress has several advantages:

  • Individual choice of stabilization for each side for the desired amount of movement
  • Each side can be filled up to the optimal degree of filling to support your physique.
  • The temperature can be set individually for each page.
  • No problems with the movement of your partner through the partition.

For a double waterbed, we generally recommend a duo mattress. With more than 15 kg weight difference between you and your partner, this is actually a must. For a duo system, however, it is necessary to purchase an additional heating element.

3. The material of the water mattress

Water mattresses are made of CE vinyl or durable Mesa moll 2 vinyl. Both types are very sturdy and have reinforced welds that run on the underside of the mattress where the pressure is lowest.

The advantage of Mesa moll 2 Vinyl is that 20% thicker vinyl is used, which is more elastic and stays supple for longer. As a result, the risk of dehydration and cracks is lower and the mattress has a longer life. A Mesa moll 2 mattresses has a 10 year warranty.

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Can I put a normal mattress next to a water mattress in the same bed frame?

Regularly we are asked the question of waterbed XL, whether a water mattress on a slatted frame, adjustable bed base or a box spring bed can be placed. But that does not mean that there is no way to combine your existing bedstead or bed tag with a waterbed. Find out more about this in this post.

Can I put a normal mattress next to a water mattress in the same bed frame?

We do not recommend placing a normal mattress next to a water mattress in a waterbed remodeling. Waterbeds are not intended for the use of normal mattresses.

In order to be able to place a normal mattress in a waterbed conversion, various adjustments must be made, including to the foam frame. In addition, the sloping edges on a soft side waterbed pose problems when placing a normal mattress.

Waterbed installation

Fewer restrictions with a freestanding waterbed

Does your bed frame have a different height, which causes the built-in water bed to sink too deep into the bed frame or extend too far out of it or does your bed frame have a different shape? Then the built-in waterbed may not be the right solution for you. Would you like some advice on the possibilities? Then you are welcome to contact us.

Of course, it is also possible that you feel the possibilities for a built-in waterbed in your existing bedstead as too limited. Are you not necessarily bound to your bedstead and can imagine changing to another bed? Then we recommend a freestanding waterbed, for example, our best selling waterbed, the waterbed luxury. Let us advise you.

With a free-standing waterbed, you are not tied to the dimensions of your current bedstead and can choose a larger sleeping area, if desired.

Which waterbed is right for you?

Discover which waterbed suits you and your budget or look directly at our full range of waterbeds. Do you prefer to talk to one of our employees or would you like to visit our showroom? Then get in touch with our customer service for free by phone.

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Mattress suitability: Have you bought a perfect variety?

In the mattress industry, there has been a speedy growth with the evolution of technologies and innovations. Are you shopping a mattress from the online web or prefer retail outlets? Well, both the sources are good if you end up making an investment and not a wrong choice. The overweight people are likely to have a huge pressure on the mattress while sleeping. This is the main factor which makes a firm mattress more suitable for the heavyweight people.

Are you avoiding your sleeping hours just for the sake of a few bucks? This means that don’t invest in a mattress which is not perfectly matching your body requirements during the night-time. Sleep is an essential activity in the human body to stay fit both mentally as well as physically. The people who have a sleeping routine daily are found to be more active than the people who keep on avoiding sleeping hours every next day. The role of a mattress is very important to understand in enhancing your sleep quality.

Memory foam for a comfortable sleep

Are you investing in a memory foam mattress? Is your sleeping position suitable for this type of mattress? Well, the side sleepers can enjoy great comfort while lying on a memory foam mattress. The stomach sleepers could also choose this as an option. For a doughy-like surface under your body, memory foam has all the properties. Though, if you want less pressure on the mattress with your heavyweight, then your search doesn’t end here.

Innerspring mattress for a firm surface

Are you an overweight person? Does your body sink into the mattress during the sleep? Do you feel a smoking hot temperature under your body due to your weight pressure on the mattress? Well, it is a must to find an effective solution for such conditions. It is always a good way to improve such condition with the help of a cushion or pillow, in case you’re a thin person. But a heavier person would demand stability on the mattress surface. Such stability comes from the mattress firmness level. Consider giving a thought on the http://www.thebest-mattress.org/best-mattress-for-heavy-people/.

Make your sleep luxurious with best mattresses

If you are using old mattresses on your bed then you are missing something special that can help you to have best experience of comfort sleep. There is new revolution in the field of mattresses. The mattress is the important thing for making people to have the best comfort for the sleep. These revolutions have made people to have the best care offer their health. There are mattresses that are having best foam of mattresses. The foam that is in these mattresses provides all the comfort for any human body to have the best sleeping experience. There are well defined qualities with all the comforts of rest. People that are enjoying such mattresses on their bed are experiencing the luxury sleep.  The health remains in fine tone after using such memory foam mattress on their bed. It is the health that is always fine tone while sleeping on such mattresses. .

The memory foam mattress has special features like retention system, light under it, massage that is very gentle and articulation system. These are the mattresses that can be adjusted in any type of bed. The free trial of 100 days proves them the best. There is no other mattress that is having the warranty of long last 20 years. If you have any problem then you can replace the mattress with other. There are numerous of sellers that are selling such mattresses. But all these sellers are not reliable. You must take one of such mattress from the reliable seller.

Your search ends here because you will come to know that you are having the site that is reliable and also very much popular from all other. The popular site that is http://www.thebest-mattress.org/best-memory-foam-mattress/is all that you need for the best type of mattress on your bed. Here you can save more money because here this site provides you the offer of getting these mattresses for free delivery with free shipping. You are also getting the discount offer. So be the one to experience the best comfort for your body. It is sure that you will have great relief to your mental; and physical health.

Mattress if you are hot sleepers

For so many people sleeping on warn mattress is very much frustrated. They expect a cool mattress for peaceful and stress-free. Along with that if you are a hot sleeper then so many factors of a mattress will help you to sleep well. Reasons for sleeping hot don’t really matters but the reason for getting the hotness down really matters. Let’s know what types of the mattress can help you to cool your body.

How to choose a mattress?

Basically, a hot sleeper needs a mattress which can cool down their body so that they can have comfortable sleep. Usually, the mattress made with the combination of copper and foam considered best for people who are hot sleepers. Copperworks as the coolant for the sleepers. Some manufacturers also made copper beds as two-sided, so that they can last for a long time. The cotton mattress is also considered best for hot sleepers. Cotton absorbs the heat generated by the human body so that the person can feel cool while sleeping. Cotton is the natural product which is plated not manufactured in machines. So this is also beneficial for health. Organic mattresses are also considered good for people who produce heat while sleeping. These mattresses are made with the combination of some leaf and other material which can help people to cure so many things.    

How does the mattress work?

Few mattresses work as heat absorber but few of them work as heat producers. This mattress comes in various fillings. You can know more about them on http://www.thebest-mattress.org/what-is-the-best-mattress-for-side-sleepers/. After knowing about them you will know what the benefits of different form fillings are. The mattress which works as coolant basically detect the temperature of the body and start absorbing heat whenever they feel like the temperature is high. This will happen due to the in-built qualities of the mattress filling. So we prefer a mattress with natural filling for the people who are facing problems like producing heat during sleeping.  Choose your mattress wisely because your sleep can decide where you will go while walking on the road of success in your life.