Can I put a normal mattress next to a water mattress in the same bed frame?

Regularly we are asked the question of waterbed XL, whether a water mattress on a slatted frame, adjustable bed base or a box spring bed can be placed. But that does not mean that there is no way to combine your existing bedstead or bed tag with a waterbed. Find out more about this in this post.

Can I put a normal mattress next to a water mattress in the same bed frame?

We do not recommend placing a normal mattress next to a water mattress in a waterbed remodeling. Waterbeds are not intended for the use of normal mattresses.

In order to be able to place a normal mattress in a waterbed conversion, various adjustments must be made, including to the foam frame. In addition, the sloping edges on a soft side waterbed pose problems when placing a normal mattress.

Waterbed installation

Fewer restrictions with a freestanding waterbed

Does your bed frame have a different height, which causes the built-in water bed to sink too deep into the bed frame or extend too far out of it or does your bed frame have a different shape? Then the built-in waterbed may not be the right solution for you. Would you like some advice on the possibilities? Then you are welcome to contact us.

Of course, it is also possible that you feel the possibilities for a built-in waterbed in your existing bedstead as too limited. Are you not necessarily bound to your bedstead and can imagine changing to another bed? Then we recommend a freestanding waterbed, for example, our best selling waterbed, the waterbed luxury. Let us advise you.

With a free-standing waterbed, you are not tied to the dimensions of your current bedstead and can choose a larger sleeping area, if desired.

Which waterbed is right for you?

Discover which waterbed suits you and your budget or look directly at our full range of waterbeds. Do you prefer to talk to one of our employees or would you like to visit our showroom? Then get in touch with our customer service for free by phone.

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