Our top 5 most common mattress toppers

There is an enormous choice in the market and the demand is growing. But what are the right schooners and what should you pay attention to? Here you can find out.

Our top 5 most common mattress toppers

To put something to bed, most customers do not want. If you value healthy sleep, you can not only get advice on the perfect mattress but also by the right accessories. Mattress covers are also available in very different quality. What makes sense in our experience, if you are interested in a bed pad?

The classic:

Usually provided with corner rubbers, this edition is simply stretched over the mattress. The pad is made of 100% cotton and is washable up to 95° C. These savers are pure hygiene filters and are intended to protect the mattress cover.

The normal fiber pad

These pads are stretched over the mattress with corner rubbers. A special climate fiber optimizes the bed climate and removes moisture much better.

The cuddly fiber pad

A mattress pad can also work as a classic underbed. In addition to the improved breathability, a special fluffy climate fiber is used, which makes the reclining even cuddlier.

In contrast to the earlier under beds, the bed climate is positively influenced here.

The waterproof mattress pad

For toddlers a must, but also for other customer groups a good help: wetness protection in bed. Here are the biggest quality differences. There are high-quality variants that allow air to circulate despite the protection against moisture and thus hardly influence the bed climate. The cheap versions give the feeling of sleeping on a plastic bag.

The mattress pad for allergy sufferers

As with wetness protection, enormous differences in quality are noticeable here as well. The prescribed by the health insurances mattress protectors are qualitatively mostly inferior and rarely provide good sleep. The pads crackle and barely let air through.

High-quality allergy coverings even combat mites through special biomolecules and optimize sleep.

Before thinking about allergy referrals, one should consider the possibility of optimizing other parameters in order to sleep better.

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