Questions about mattress topper

What is a mattress topper?

A topper – or also called comfort pad – is placed on top of a mattress to increase comfort while lying down.

However, you should pay close attention to whether the existing mattress is compatible with a topper and what effect you can achieve. In this article, we would like to answer various questions around the topic of “toppers” and protect against false purchases.

Can I tighten my mattress with a topper?

Only in very special cases. Generally one can say that this is possible because one can see this effect with each box spring bed: If I take a soft latex topper with 8 cm height for a box spring bed, this feels much softer than a 5 cm visco topper.

Does a topper fit on my mattress?

A maximum of 10% of all mattresses could or should be used with a topper. The biggest problem is ventilation.

A normal mattress cover should provide a good climate balance and let the moisture that is released through the skin, evaporate again. But where should breathability come from when I put a foam pad on a mattress?

Mattresses that are intended or suitable for the topper, usually have no classic, quilted mattress cover, but a breathable 3D fabric or the like. Thus, no moisture can accumulate in the mattress cover and the removal of the moisture works.

What height should a topper have?

Since a topper is responsible for comfort and pressure relief, you should not use support of less than 6 cm height. Less does not make much sense.

However, toppers, which are significantly higher, may partially affect the supportive function of the mattress. Here you should not necessarily exceed 12 cm.

Can I put a topper on a cold foam mattress?

No, that really makes no sense at all and only brings with it problems or disadvantages. The already mentioned problem of ventilation is still much higher with cold foam mattresses than with pocket spring mattresses.

The adaptability of a pocket spring mattress is designed by the functioning of the use of Topper. Cold foam mattresses, however, work with zonings of the foam core, which would clearly lose their effect through a topper.

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