Waterbed decision support:

1. Why a waterbed?

The choice of a mattress is always a personal decision and depends on your body characteristics, your sleeping position, and your personal preferences. Any back or muscle problems also play an important role in your choice of mattress. Standard one-size-fits-all mattresses do not exist, though hip adage and partisan mattress tests make you think so.

A waterbed is just the opposite, thanks to its variable adjustability and the wide range of options. A waterbed offers:

  • good even support for a natural sleeping posture;
  • Pressure distribution in sensitive areas avoids painful pressure points on muscles;
  • very good hygiene, because no dirt or dust can penetrate into the mattress (anti-allergenic);
  • Adjustable hardness and temperature.

Many reservations about waterbeds, such as a waterbed constantly moving or consuming a lot of energy, are based on information from the 1990s when waterbeds just came out. Meanwhile, waterbeds and the techniques used, as well as other mattresses, have evolved and improved.

2. Mono or duo water mattress?

The water mattress can consist of 1 or 2 compartments. A duo water mattress consists of two single water mattresses and is divided in the middle by a thermal partition. A duo mattress has several advantages:

  • Individual choice of stabilization for each side for the desired amount of movement
  • Each side can be filled up to the optimal degree of filling to support your physique.
  • The temperature can be set individually for each page.
  • No problems with the movement of your partner through the partition.

For a double waterbed, we generally recommend a duo mattress. With more than 15 kg weight difference between you and your partner, this is actually a must. For a duo system, however, it is necessary to purchase an additional heating element.

3. The material of the water mattress

Water mattresses are made of CE vinyl or durable Mesa moll 2 vinyl. Both types are very sturdy and have reinforced welds that run on the underside of the mattress where the pressure is lowest.

The advantage of Mesa moll 2 Vinyl is that 20% thicker vinyl is used, which is more elastic and stays supple for longer. As a result, the risk of dehydration and cracks is lower and the mattress has a longer life. A Mesa moll 2 mattresses has a 10 year warranty.

You can get more information from http://www.thebest-mattress.org/tempurpedic-mattress-reviews.